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Advice and global view

Our strength : experience and global view from an insurer, baker, tax expert and real estate manager.

Non-employees of an insurance company or other financial institution, we are not desperate sellers who absolutely must sign contracts. Our work is based on a long-term vision as well as maintaining the trust of our customers.


Private life and commercial companies evolve, also their needs; we continue to follow you and advise you!


• your child starting an apprenticeship or studies, how will he be covered?

• pension fund LPP certificate, redemption, conversion rates, spouse's pension ...?

• retirement, when and how much?

• being a home owner, possible for us?

• for car insurance, best price coverage?

• If I had big health’s problems, who would pay for that?

• for a claim, who will help me?

• I start my own business?


Ask us questions.



Completely INDEPENDENT, we collaborate with:

• the main insurance companies in Switzerland

• "large" banks and other more regional

• Trustees and law firms for information and specific work